Accident Prevention

We have all had a number of accidents in our lives, right? That time you fell from the bicycle and scraped your knees and elbows, or the time it happened to your kids? That time you weren’t paying attention where you were going, stepped on a crack on the flood and twisted your ankle? Or that time that car hit your car in the parking lot? All of those accidents are parts of life, they will and have happened to all of us but we have to be prepared to deal with them and be protected when it happens..

How do we do this? Well, having good insurance that will take care of you and your family is a good place to start. After that the next step is knowing how to prevent the accident from happening; everyone in the family should be aware of it.. This plan could help avoid anything from tripping over a shoe in the middle of the hallway, throwing a ball in the house and breaking a window to accidents resulting in cuts, scrapes to mild or severe injury, trauma, or even death. An accident can be a life changing event.

Having an accident prevention plan helps you avoid these difficult moments like car accidents, injuries in the house and even fires. This prevention plan can include:

  • Making sure the fire alarm is always on and doors are locked.
  • Always keep floors clear and dry.
  • Don’t run inside the house, near a pool or the street.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Always look both ways before you cross the street.
  • Pay attention while driving and remember: 
    • Don’t use the phone
    • Keep your eyes on the road 
    • Follow speed limits and laws
    • Don’t run red lights

Accident prevention plans are important to have, not only in the household, but in the workplace to ensure the safety of all employees. This may include wearing protective equipment if required, following safety rules, keeping walkways clear, posting safety signs where they are easy to see and read, etc.

These may seem obvious things to do or not do but we are not always aware of them and accidents happen in a split second and can change lives. This is why it’s important to have an accident prevention plan that everyone in the house and/or workplace knows about, understands and remembers to follow in addition to accidental insurance.



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